How to Make a Difference with Electronics Recycling

Some tips for making a difference in your community with electronics recycling.

May 29, 2023

Electronic waste, commonly known as e-waste, is a growing concern for the environment. The improper disposal of electronic devices can have severe consequences, including environmental pollution and harm to human health. However, by recycling electronics and reducing e-waste, you can make a difference and contribute to a more sustainable future. In this blog post, we will discuss how to make a difference by recycling electronics and reducing e-waste.

Donate or Sell Old Electronics

Instead of throwing away your old electronics, consider donating or selling them. Many charities and non-profit organizations accept donations of electronic devices and refurbish them for use by others. Selling old electronics can also help reduce e-waste by giving them a new life with someone else. Fortunately, we are able to partner with E-Cycle Washington and take computers, monitors, and TV's for no charge.

Choose Eco-Friendly Electronic Devices

When purchasing new electronic devices, choose eco-friendly options. Look for devices that are energy-efficient, have a long lifespan, and are made from sustainable materials. This can help reduce the environmental impact of your electronics and reduce the amount of e-waste produced. One company to consider if you need a new device is Framework. They are designing laptops that are easy to fix and easy to upgrade. Framework | Framework Laptop 13, now with AMD and Intel options, and

Use Your Electronics for as Long as Possible

Instead of upgrading your electronic devices every year, use them for as long as possible. Properly maintaining your devices, such as keeping them clean and updating software, can help extend their lifespan. This reduces the need to purchase new devices, which can help reduce e-waste.

Recycle Old Electronics

When it's time to dispose of your old electronics, recycle them properly. Find a local e-waste recycling facility that accepts electronic devices and dispose of them responsibly. This ensures that valuable materials are recovered and reused, reducing the need for new materials and reducing the amount of e-waste in landfills.

Educate Others

Spread awareness about the importance of recycling electronics and reducing e-waste. Educate others about the environmental and health consequences of improper e-waste disposal and the benefits of recycling. Encourage others to donate, sell, or recycle their electronic devices and make a difference in their own way.


You can make a difference by participating! There are now options for donating, selling, or recycling old electronics. We take them for free! You can also choose to buy electronics that are likely to last longer. One company making great strides is Framework. Also, help us get the word out! We are selling refurbished computers. Save money and reduce the need for production of new devices! Sounds like a win, win.

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