E-Cycle Washington

Electronics Recycling, Data Destruction
and Drive Shredding

1PC is a full service electronics recycling company certified with the Washington State Ecycle program. We are authorized to handle electronics recycling for government agencies, healthcare and contractors throughout Washington state. We have a hard drive shredder for complete physical destruction. Our office location is at 809 W. Orchard Dr. Suite 7 – open 9AM to 4PM M-F. You do not need to call first, you can just drop off your electronics any time during those hours. For large quantities, we are able to come on site to your location to pick up.

Drop-Off in Bellingham
Near hospital and mall
Drive Shredding
Destroy your old drive
Data Destruction
Destroy data on tapes, hard disks
and other media
E-Cycle WA
Provides responsible recycling of computers, monitors and TVs
Healthcare Certified
Safe, secure and certified equipment disposal
NAID Member
National Association of Information Destruction Member since 2018