About Our Recycling Program

What we accept:

We take a variety of old electronics. Please see below for a list of common answers regarding our process and what we can accept!

Our Process

Our Process: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

By refurbishing and reselling devices we are able to reduce the number that are manufactured. This reduces emissions from manufacturing in the environment. For things that do not have resale value we break them down into various components and are able to sell that as scrap. This allows those materials and components to be repurposed. By doing this we salvage as much potential from everything that comes in our door as possible.

We accept computers, monitors, and TV's for no charge. We can also accept cords, cables, and power supplies. We are able to take lithium-ion batteries that are not swollen as well as lead-acid batteries. If the lithium ion batteries are swollen we have to charge for them. We can also take network gear like switches, firewalls, and servers.

Small Appliances

The only small appliance we can confidently take is a microwave. If you have something else please call ahead!


We accept lithium-ion laptop batteries and lead acid batteries. We do not accept alkaline batteries. We charge for swollen batteries. There are some lithium-ion batteries from devices other than laptops that we can accept, we will have to evaluate in person.

Network Gear

We can accept switches, firewalls, and servers as well.


We accept computers for no charge. We destroy all data that comes into our facility. If you need a certificate of destruction or specifically request that we shred the drive we charge $10 per drive. Desktops, Laptops, Towers, All-in-Ones


We accept monitors for no charge as well. Standard and CRT

Circuit Boards

If you have taken apart old electronics we can take some of the miscellaneous stuff like circuit boards as well.

Cables and Cord

If you have various computer power cables or power adapters we can accept these for no charge.


We accept flat screen and CRT televisions as well. No charge here either!