How Does Electronics Recycling Work?

A basic guide to what electronics recycling companies do.

May 29, 2023

How Does Electronics Recycling Work?

I often get asked this question by people who stop by to recycle their electronics. It is a great question. Electronics Recycling is a very interesting business to be in but it is definitely not easy.

What Happens to the Electronics I Recycle?

The way I like to describe our process as this, we take the gamble that some of the stuff that comes in has value. We research, rebuild, and resell what we can. Much of what we accept only has value in terms of scrap, meaning, we sell it for its weight in materials. For instance, circuit boards have varying levels of gold and silver. There is not very much per board and the process to recover those precious metals is difficult, specialized, and only makes sense in bulk quantities, so we don't get paid a ton for this stuff.

The Process of Electronics Recycling

1. Research

First, we evaluate items to determine if they are worth the time to refurbish. If they fail this phase we set them in a bin for scrap. We separate these items based on how our downstream vendor would like to receive them.

2. Rebuild

If they are worth the time, we figure out how to do it and get it done. This goes for computers, monitors, and various other things we are able to rebuild.

3. Resell

Part of the research phase is determining whether or not there is a market for the item. This is usually done through eBay sold comps. Once it is rebuilt, we list it on various platforms or reach out to our network of buyers to get final pricing.

4. Recycling

This would be the scrapping phase. If we cannot resell something, we will reach out to the people who buy materials from us. We set up logistics and send it out the door.

Choosing a Trusted Electronics Recycling Company

Reuse is always better than recycle. It is important to choose a company that attempts to reuse materials as opposed to immediately recycling things that come in.

Why Choose 1PC for Your Electronics Recycling Needs?

We are R2v3 certified and have been audited to determine that our processes get the most out of the materials that come in our door.

Secure, Responsible, and Compliant

We ensure that your data is destroyed by us or our downstream vendors. We also ensure that the materials you give to us are handled as responsibly as possible.

Environmentally Friendly

We are committed to sustainability. Our process is designed to minimize environmental impact, ensuring that all materials are recycled according to the highest environmental standards.

Secure your peace of mind today with 1PC's electronics recycling services.

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