Services & Solutions

1PC solutions provide responsible recycling of electronic and medical equipment as well as the destruction of media when needed. You can also be assured that items we collect are handled safely and responsibly according to preferred management standards.

Because the needs of our clients range in scope, so do the services we provide. Some companies partner with us for services that last a few days. Others engage with us for months on a major project. Our work is sound, our solutions are comprehensive and our partnerships are solid. As a result, most clients continue to work with us through the years as their business needs grow and change.

NAID Member

All data protection regulations require customers to perform initial due diligence and ongoing monitoring of data destruction service providers. NAID AAA Certified locations are the most recognized and accepted data destruction operation available.

E-Cycle WA

E-Cycle Washington is a program that provides responsible recycling of computers, monitors and TVs in our state. You can also be assured that items taken to or collected by authorized collectors are handled safely and responsibly according to preferred management standards set by WMMFA and the State Department of Ecology.

Drive Shredding

1PC’s drive shredding service is for residential, government or business customers who need to be ensured of complete destruction of hard drives and physical media.

Data Destruction

1PC offers clients the confidence of secure data destruction. Our data destruction process meets all the requirements of the Department of Defense for the sanitation of digital media.

Large Volume Pickup Available

If you are a large business, 1PC will come to you and pickup quantities of 50 or more computers at no charge.

Healthcare Certified

Medical equipment disposal with 1PC is safe, secure and certified to the industry’s highest standards. 1PC manages your retired assets responsibly, efficiently and securely through the recycling process.